Ever bend down while you are making the bed and think:  Where did all that dust come from?

Cleaning and vacuuming get you so far, but that Spring Cleaning itch just has to be scratched when the sunlight is showing up what was hidden in shadows all winter.  Dust.  Lots of dust.

When you have the time to move all the furniture and clean the carpets yourself, it can take days to dry.  The average home cleaner or rental unit soaks through the carpet into the pad.  The pad takes a long time to dry, and often gives off musty odors (i.e. moldy smell) because it is not really good to get wet.


We start with a thorough inspection of your carpets including using a black light.  That shows what your eyes can’t see — surprises that may be lurking in the carpet.  Spills, stains and wear patterns are all topics your technician can address with you.

Our next step is to move furniture and vacuum thoroughly with a commercial vacuum to remove the most loose soil and dust.  We then pre-spray needed traffic lanes to loosen oily soils and remove them easily with our PowerHead cleaning.

remove allergens

Healthy Carpet Cleaning Results

Many customers like our Healthy Home Package, with sanitizing treatment to remove up to 99% of allergens, viruses and bacteria from the carpet.  It even cleans the air in the rooms while we are using the equipment.  Our solutions are nearly all Green and safe for children and pets.  They are hypo-allergenic and safe for your carpet and those with asthma and allergies.

The PowerHead rotates and scrubs the carpet while cleaning with a hot carbonated extraction.  It is calibrated to clean just the carpet, without wetting the pad.  As a part of the Healthy Home, we add StainMaster protectant to keep the carpet cleaning up easily for you in the future, and to cut down on worn traffic lanes.

Our cleaning solution, The Natural (R) is effervescent to bring the bubbling action in addition to the rotating “shoes” of the machine.  It quickly extracts the dirty water, so that carpets can dry within just 2-4 hours on a normal sunny day.

Chem-Dry is a name you can trust

Our technicians will do a great job for you!

We post groom and check for stubborn stains, wipe down baseboards and replace furniture for you.  The technicians are ready to help you so don’t hurt your back moving things around, just point and say “Move that, please!”

Carpets are just the beginning of the services we offer — we can clean your area rugs, furniture, mattresses, and your tile and grout.  We can clean and seal granite counter tops also.  We clean for churches, schools, restaurants, offices and more.  We’ve even cleaned boats, and airplanes!

So make the dust bunnies go away with the help of All-Star Chem-Dry this spring.  You’ll be breathing a lot easier.