It’s important to keep your home clean, especially these days, and one place that can be easy to overlook is your tile and grout. Carpets tend to steal the show, and many of us have someone in mind when it comes to servicing upholstery. But how should you choose someone to clean your tile? Keep reading for 5 important things to consider and you’ll be equipped to make the right decision and keep things simple!

#1 – equipment isn’t everything!

This is a bit of a trick statement, because of course the person cleaning your tile and grout should have effective, up-to-date equipment. But if the equipment isn’t being operated correctly, what’s the point? Look for a company that teaches all of their employees the ins and outs of proper cleaning and proper equipment use, and doesn’t back away from answering questions about their training.

#2 – low prices aren’t always a deal

Of course, we all love a deal. But if the prices sound too good to be true… well, they probably are. When you hire someone to clean your floors, you’re paying for quality and expertise, which you absolutely need! Low prices can simply be a front to get a foot in the door, and more fees end up being added to the job later on. Alternatively, the low price can be for only a “surface” job, which won’t actually be effective, or the equipment and cleaning products could be cheap and low-quality.

#3 – look beyond the call

Rather than outlining your needs over the phone and accepting the first offer you get, have a potential business come into your home, take a look around, and give you a specific quote once they understand your situation. Not only will you know for sure what you need and what they recommend, but you won’t be pressured into saying ‘yes’ right away.


#4 – you need a guarantee

Ask your tile and grout cleaner if they offer a money-back guarantee, and if they say yes, ensure that it is listed in writing on the quotation they give you. You should always be satisfied with a job well done, and a good company should be able to back their claims up without concern. If the company is a good one, they will generally be willing to guarantee their services for you.


#5 – ask around

Word of mouth is a powerful thing, so make sure you take advantage of it. Other local customers who have had experience with a prospective company are the perfect way to find more information and really figure out if they offer all the services they claim to. After all, anyone can say anything about their own company, but satisfied clients are the gold star of good service. Make sure you ask for references and read comments on their business page before making a decision.


Here at all-star chemdry, we stand by our process and we stand by our work. If you have any questions for us about your tile and grout, or simply want to learn more about what we do, feel free to give us a call at (770) 425-6999 and we’ll be happy to fill you in!