What did Snoopy make for Thanksgiving Dinner after Charlie Brown’s plans fell through?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from the whole gang!

He’s a pretty inventive cook — and all in all, makes a fun dinner! If you don’t remember, re-watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

Did you ever have one of those Thanksgiving dinners that just fell apart? The turkey burnt, the gravy was a solid mass of lumps, the frozen salad was still frozen and like no one showed up on time?
How about the grown kids fighting and both threatening to leave if the other one didn’t? Oh, no, that was Christmas.
And then there’s the one where if the ex showed up everyone else was staying away … sheesh.
Thankfully, even if Snoopy’s dinner was all on my plate, I’d still be thankful for my family, my great friends, my church (Cobb Vineyard), and for our wonderful clients who let us come into their homes daily to clean and dry out their water damaged areas. We literally would be eating a Snoopy Thanksgiving meal if not for you … but we hope that we can give back to those less fortunate through our Cobb Vineyard Food Pantry.

If you want to give your technician Jason Clarke a few canned goods for our Thanksgiving food giveaway on Saturday Nov. 15, we will pass it on to the church. So many are elderly, ill and on disability– and sometimes having a small turkey or ham, some canned vegetables and bread means the difference between a thanksgiving dinner or not.

Thankful for Thanksgiving Dinner

So we’re thankful for you — when you share with others and we’d like to let you know — our customers are the best!!

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