There is a longer post on our blog that gives an in-depth breakdown of the P.U.R.T (Pet Urine Removal Treatment) process, but what about those of you who are just looking for a quick overview? What do you absolutely need to know about P.U.R.T?

Pets have accidents, and when they are not properly cleaned up, it can not only cause a serious odor problem it can lead to repeat accidents in the same spot due to the smell.

Pet urine soaks through the carpets and deep into the fibers, sometimes even the floor underneath. As the urine dries through evaporation, it leaves behind crystals that lead to an even stronger smell, although the “puddle” may be gone.

In a nutshell, P.U.R.T uses a revolutionary process to completely dissolve and then eradicate those crystals, leaving no smell or residue behind from either urine or harsh cleansers. Instead of only getting rid of the smell, it removes the problem at its source- permanently!

If you have pets, you need P.U.R.T. to make sure your carpet gets clean and stays clean! If you have any questions, or need a consultation, reach out to All-Star Chemdry and let us help you out.