Will you be the lucky one to score a carpet cleaning appointment before Thanksgiving?  Spin the dial and hope you can get in the books?

More fun when you know what's for dinner!

The gang’s getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner–are you ready?

Maybe you like to take risks, like calling the Monday before Thanksgiving to get your carpets cleaned.  It COULD happen…but in my experience of 27 years using Chem-Dry carpet cleaning— maybe not.

If someone died or got deathly flu that day, you might find we have an opening. But most appointments for Thanksgiving week and the weeks before are being filled as we speak by experienced planner-types.

They want to know that we will be at their door at 8 a.m. the Tuesday before Turkey Day and be all theirs for as long as it takes to clean, sanitize, protect and seal their carpets, tile, furniture and maybe even the baby’s car seat.

Leaving them time to start prepping the desserts for Thursday.  They sleep easier.  Will you?

Be the hostess with the calmest prep time for Thanksgiving. Plan ahead!

Be the hostess with the calmest prep time for Thanksgiving. Plan ahead!

Plan ahead, book your Chem-Dry cleaning service now to make sure you are one of the “lucky” ones who gets on our schedule–and then you can make your Black Friday shopping list in peace.

All-Star Chem-Dry hopes your Thanksgiving will find you thankful for those around your table and the blessings God has bestowed upon you this year.  We pray that you enjoy a peaceful time with family and friends.