Dog beds: Jack always tears them up so he currently does not have one. Maybe it’s a good thing! Apparently mites including pet type and dust mites are attracted to the warmth and moisture he would give off and burrow in the bed. It’s important to vacuum with a very strong vacuum.

Pet mites hide in pet bedding

ca. 2002, Colorado, USA — Labrador Retriever Puppies — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

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Cleaning by vacuum cleaner

Mites are everywhere, even if a house is clean. A dog will not become allergic to dog bed mites because their living environment is poorly looked after. However, it is still useful to clean their bed and the areas they regularly spend time in as it helps remove the dead skin matter that fosters dust mite population growth. This cleaning must be done with a vacuum cleaner. It is not an easy task! Dead mites and their excrement are so light that they can escape vacuum cleaner bags and therefore scatter through the surrounding air. In order to eliminate them, it is essential to use bags equipped with adequate (HEPA) filters. Living mites, on the other hand, use their suction feet to help them stick to whichever surface they are inhabiting. As such, you will need to use a much more powerful vacuum cleaner than a regular domestic one in order to eliminate them.

Chem-Dry clean for pets and carpet

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However, vacuum cleaning with a high quality device does not eliminate the cause of the dermatitis because dust mites can hide deep within cushions, fabric and quilted material. During vacuuming, some mites attach themselves to fabric and therefore avoid being sucked up. Since these creatures reproduce rapidly, any small remaining populations will quickly proliferate and re-infest the dog bed.
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