Carpet’s not the bad guy you think it is. It works as a “sink” to collect airborne dust and dirt particles, trapping them below the pad where you can’t breathe them in.

It also needs a little help doing its job — so regular vacuuming and cleaning help remove small dust particles from the fibers on top. Also, pay attention to the edges around walls with your attachment or a simple fleece dustrag. Dirt collects there when the heating and cooling cycle on, pulling often greasy dirt to that area.

dark lines

We can clean filtration lines with a hot solution and scrubbing.

That’s why you get those unsightly black lines on the edges of your carpet, called filtration lines. Chem-Dry has a process that removes most of, if not all of those filtration lines.

If you clean your carpets on a regular schedule, you remove dirt, pollen and other allergens which will help extend the life of your carpet. Professional cleaning every six months to a year will help your family breathe easier and is much cheaper than replacing your carpet every 8 to 10 years.

All-Star Chem-Dry’s superior carpet cleaning is your perfect partner in extending the life of your home’s carpet & helping your family breathe easier! Schedule a professional cleaning today.