Trends come and go, but one that seems to be here to stay is every kid’s current favorite thing- slime! A mixture of Borax powder, glue, dye, and everything from sparkles to sequins that can be squished and played with over and over again. Unfortunately for parents and carpets alike, when slime leaves its safe container and makes contact with surfaces, it can create a lingering mess that seems impossible to remove. With proper cleaning, the damage can be repaired, but in the meantime please keep the following steps in mind:

Don’t bomb your carpet!

The first step to effectively get ride of slime in your carpet is to avoid using home remedies than can do more harm than good. Often people will use a combination of baking soda (because it is so absorbent) and vinegar (because it is acidic) to remove a mess. However, these two ingredients can end up doing damage instead of cleaning up the mess itself- vinegar and baking soda combined are a recipe for disaster, and using the wrong type of vinegar in the carpet can lead to further discoloration and stains.


Work small and slowly

There are definitely things you can do to help minimize the damage while you’re waiting for more professional help. First, you can scrape off any hardened or dried areas of slime using a gentle tool like a dish scraper, or try blotting up wet areas with paper towels, old bath towels, or stained tee shirts that can handle a few more spots. You can also try rinsing the spot with plain club soda, because the carbonation and bubbles may help lift a little of the damage, and then blotting the spot again afterward.

Call a professional!

When it comes to this kind of serious mess, there really is only one way to be sure the stain is completely removed- calling a professional carpet service. Because mixing with other chemicals can actually set the color stain permanently, which is the last thing you want, when in doubt you should always get an expert to address a spot, especially a brightly colored slime spot. Check out pictures below to see the kind of stain removal we can do- this is exactly the kind of food coloring that is used to make slime!

If your carpet is newer, the stain should be completely removed just like this. If it is older and not well-treated against this type of damage, some discoloration may remain, or a portion may have to be removed, but it is also possible to have us color-match a leftover of piece of carpet and replace it.

The bottom line is, while slime in the carpet can be a real pain, it absolutely doesn’t have to be. Give All-Star Chemdry a call and we can help you out!