When the tenant calls at 6 A.M., it’s never good news!

The floors are wet, what should they do?  Fortunately this landlord is ALSO a water damage specialist — AND I’ve had one water damage at that property in the past.  I got this!

My excellent handyman, Terry, was there within 15 minutes, shut off the flow of water from the refrigerator water line and stopped the leaking.

He found that we had 3 wet areas — behind the refrigerator, under that wall in the garage where the water heater sits (the culprit last time, but only 1 1/2 years old now — couldn’t be!) and the living room floor on the other side of the kitchen.

We were able to easily remove pieces of the vinyl Allure Ultra flooring planks and stack them to dry, exposing the plywood subfloors.  The sub flooring under the refrigerator was dark with moisture — indicating that the line had been dripping for some time, before giving way.  That line and connection was also replaced after the previous water damage.

We set up air movers and dehumidifiers to dry, one in the garage where the hot water heater alcove could be contained — that subfloor and walls dried within a few days.

The living room floor and kitchen dried within a couple days also, so now all we have to do is pop the flooring pieces back in and put the refrigerator back in place.