Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Can’t I replace my carpet for that cost?
A:Carpet dries very rapidly with the proper equipment. It is your structure we are most concerned with such as walls, baseboards and areas that are not seen.

Q:It is just a little water, won’t it dry?
A:It will dry, but during the time it takes to dry in dark hidden areas, you may have microbial growth and odor occur.  Mold remediation costs get substantially higher if this occurs. Microbial growth can be dangerous to your health- especially children, elderly and those with immune and repertory problems.

Q:Can you just remove the water? That is all I want done.
A:We cannot just remove the water for you. All Star Chem-Dry® is trained and certified by the Structural Drying Institute and we follow the IICRC S-500 standards for our industry. We cannot do a job partially, that puts you and us at risk!

Q:Can I just put some fans on the carpet?
A:Fans are not enough! We use commercial Dehumidifiers to draw moisture, along with some of the equipment listed below. Each water loss is different, so we determine what equipment is necessary once we look at each loss.

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