As much as we know you love your pet, the accidents they make are really tough on your carpeting. And when a pet accident happens, it can be hard to know what cleaner to reach for in the moment- you don’t want to ruin your carpet with harsh cleaners, but that urine smell has got to go!

Unfortunately, most pet carpet cleaners simply cover up the smell instead of resolving the problem at its source; which isn’t what you want to find out after a long process of trial and error to attempt getting your carpet back to its original state.

The groundbreaking process of the P.U.R.T.® cleaning process from Chem-Dry is totally different. P.U.R.T. is short for Pet Urine Removal Treatment. This process is designed to destroy pet urine odors forever, not cover them up only for them to return.

With the expertise of our professional carpet cleaners, you can feel free enjoy your home – and your pet – all while knowing that your carpet is cleaner and healthier than it was before.

Consequences of Pet Accidents

If it is left untreated, the smell from a pet accident can spread throughout your entire home. If anyone reading this has dealt with an accident before (I know I have) then you’re well aware of how strong this smell can be, not to mention how stubborn.

Additionally, if you’re not able to entirely eliminate the odor left behind after pet accidents, you may notice repeat accidents occurring in the same spot. Animals will commonly return to the same spot once it’s been ‘marked’ with their scent, making the problem even worse! The effects of this cycle can have a major impact on your health and well-being, as well as that of your carpet.

Besides the stinky smell, pet urine will stain the individual fibers of fabrics and carpets, getting deep inside to contaminate the areas you can’t see on the surface. This deeper issue is why you can’t treat a pet urine stain like a normal carpet cleaning problem- you need specific tools to make sure its gone for good. When pet urine dries, it forms tiny crystals in the fibers of your carpet, and these are what contain the odor that lingers. Only by breaking these down and removing them completely can you guarantee the smell is gone (and stays gone).

P.U.R.T. at work

The Chem-Dry P.U.R.T. process breaks down these crystals at the molecular level to solve the issue once and for all. This process can be used on a wide range of materials, from carpets and area rugs to upholstered furniture. You don’t have to throw out an armchair or a rug that’s been contaminated by your beloved pet- you can give it a new life with the help of Chem-Dry!

P.U.R.T. is a process that deals with the negative effects of accidents you know about as well as those that may have slipped past you. This is how we do it:

  1. Ultraviolet Inspection
    Our trained carpet cleaners will start by doing a full inspection of your carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture with a special ultraviolet flashlight. The beam from this flashlight will reveal the residues of pet accidents and odor deposits, even those that are invisible to the naked eye, so we don’t miss a single spot.
  2. Deep Cleaning
    The next step we’ll take is to clean your carpet with Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE), our revolutionary carpet cleaning process. Harnessing the power of carbonation, HCE releases dirt, oil, and urine crystals from the fibers of your carpet without gallons of water or soapy solutions.
  3. P.U.R.T. Application
    After using Hot Carbonating Extraction, we then apply P.U.R.T. to each affected area to eliminate stubborn pet urine. The P.U.R.T. product sinks all the way down into the carpet pad, tackling odors as it goes. It will keep breaking down odor-causing elements over a period of 24-36 hours. You’ll be left with a cleaner carpet that looks great and smells clean. It will also provide much-needed peace of mind about the health of your home!


A cleaner that packs a punch

A recent study by an independent laboratory performed multiple tests of the P.U.R.T. process to determine its effectiveness in the categories of stain and odor removal. The study revealed that P.U.R.T. eliminates 99.9% of cat and dog urine odors from carpets.

When used together with Hot Carbonating Extraction and a sanitizer formula, P.U.R.T. was even shown to knock out 99.2% of bacteria from pet urine. When these are the results, it isn’t any surprise that families are using the power of P.U.R.T. to protect their homes!

Choose the carpet cleaner you can trust to remove stains and smells from pet urine not only quickly but effectively. Contact All-star Chem-Dry to book a free pet urine analysis!