ca. 2002, Colorado, USA — Labrador Retriever Puppies — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

If you would like to help a homeless pet, it’s as easy as helping yourself!
When you call us to come clean your carpets, you can make a donation to local pets in need of food and shelter by just adding a bit to your cleaning total, or by using our Pet Urine Removal Treatment on any spots you may have. Then we will donate 10% of the PURT total to the Best Friends Society.

For the next few months, our Cleaning for the Paws focus lets us give back to the local shelters that support no kill.

You can also give at Just ask how you can help!

How do we help your pet and family stay healthy?

Keep it clean, green and safe for your pets and a pet who needs a helping paw. We love pets!

Got a rescue pup? or kitty?  Please share their pictures on our Facebook Page!