Getting pee out of carpets is a big problem for new puppy or kitten owners.  Sometimes for potty-training toddler owners too–I mean parents.

No! No peeing on the couch!

If you see a fresh urine area, don’t immediately reach for the paper towels.  If you have a wet vac, use that first.  Better to suck up the liquid if you can, than to push it down into the carpet with towels or your foot on a rag.

After removing as much pee as you can, then apply a spot cleaner like our Chem-Dry Pet Urine Removal Treatment (PURT) to immediately neutralize the stain and clean it.

If you still smell pee or see a stain, we can help to clean the area for you.

Using our black light, we can find the spots and identify what’s been going on with the carpets, rugs, walls and furniture.

This lets us target the spots that need treating.  That way, we can apply the PURT product to the area before cleaning, allow it to begin to work, then gently clean the surface without removing the product.

Even after we are gone, and your carpets are clean and fresh, the PURT continues to activate and kill urine smells for up to 48 hours in the pad and carpet.

What about the WORST — diarrhea on the carpet?  We can clean that too, and sanitize the areas.  Remove as much as you can gently with paper towels, then lay soaking wet towels over the areas.  Call immediately for quick service to get the stains out before they dry.

I believe pets get digestive upsets and tummy bugs just like people do, and they can’t tell us until it’s too late!  Hoping that you and your pets have a happy, healthy Christmas and Happy New Year.  Call us if you need us, we’ll be here for you.

From all of us at All Star Chem Dry — Merry Christmas!