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Water  – great to drink when you’re thirsty — a big problem on your hardwood floors or filling your basement.  Getting it dry as quickly as possible and saving your home or office is a top priority.

The latest technology is Structural Drying – which gets your property dry quickly with no chance of mold or mildew getting a grip.

Consider this:                          

It has just rained and everything, outside, is wet. Relative humidity is high. The sun comes out and dries the sidewalk, while the air is still REALLY humid. Heat from the sun, did this.

  1. You put clothes in your dryer. You have airflow. You have dehumidification, going through the vent to outside, and …… you have heat. Do a test: for about a week, dry all your clothes on the cold air setting. Let me know how that works out!
  2. You are ironing. The iron leaks water onto the item being ironed. Which temperature will evaporate the moisture in the fabric quicker……hotter or colder?
  3. You do your daily visit to a flood job and fill out your Daily Humidity Record. If there are 3 rooms wet and one is warmer than the other two, which one will be drier?

There are 1.67 septillion molecules in a water drop. Each molecule is “bonded” or “attracted” to all the other molecules. When a molecule escapes the “hold” that the drop of water has on it, you now have a single molecule, out in the air, which has become, VAPOR.

This is how water escapes from wet materials.

The best way to get molecules to escape from the “hold” of the drop, is to apply energy to the water. (Water is a collection of drops and drops are a collection of molecules). When the molecule receives enough energy to overcome the hold that the drop has on it he’s yelling, I’M FREE!….. I’M FREE! ….. listen carefully! 🙂

This info comes from a blog post by Dennis Klager, instructor, at his website.

So when you have water in a room, should you turn the air conditioning on to dehumidify the room?  Not unless you want it to take days to dry!  Actually heat is better, but that heat comes from the air moving in the room and the dehumidifier and air purifier running.  We generate plenty of heat!

When in doubt, give us a call, we will be happy to walk you through the steps to getting back to normal as quickly as possible.


A message to our valued customers and clients:
As a small business we anticipate that some of you may have questions regarding our efforts in managing the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Please be advised that we are taking this matter very seriously. Each day and throughout we will continue to closely monitor the developments and information regarding the status of this sensitive matter.
All-Star Chem-Dry is in the business of providing healthy homes and businesses.
Our NEW MicroPro Shield™ (Disinfection with 90-Day Protection™) package is an EPA and FDA approved food grade safe application to help eliminate germs, bacteria and viruses. An SDS sheet can be provided upon request.
Please be advised that due to the nature of how the coronavirus spreads (person to person) there is no guarantee that the homes or businesses we provide a service will prevent from being infected, however our service is to assure that we are doing our part in making the spread of the coronavirus minimal. Additionally, our employees are doing their part in making sure we do what we can to minimize the risk to the spread of the coronavirus.
Daily steps we are taking:
  • All equipment is cleaned and sanitized before entering any residence or business.
  • Our trucks are cleaned with an EPA registered sanitizer / disinfectant and treated with our MicroPro Shield™.
  • Our office and shop are cleaned and sprayed with MicroPro Shield™.
  • We have provided our employees with hand sanitizer and advising them to wash their hands regularly during each day.
  • We are enforcing the training procedures to ensure all cleaning processes are implemented properly by each employee.
  • If an employee begins to feel ill in any way, they are advised to notify us and are asked not to come in for their shift until we feel the situation is safe and there is no risk to our clients and to the rest of our team.
  • We are asking those who request an appointment for services to please let us know if they or someone in their household, business etc., had suffer from any illness within the last few weeks.
As we work through this difficult time, please know that we are committed to protecting the health and safety of our customers, employees, and their families.
Over the last several months, there have been some stated claims with some sanitizing products by other companies that do NOT conform to product labels. If a company is offering a guarantee or residual effect from their application or processes – Ask specifically what that covers, a residual claim may not be for viruses.
We also thank you and appreciate your trust in us. If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding the above referenced information, please feel free to call our office at 770-443-1800. Together, we can all do our part.