Louise and Hayley were enjoying a catch up. They’d been best friends for years but hadn’t had much time to catch up lately, so when Louise was given a rostered day off work, she made the most of it. She went to the gym in the morning, followed that up with a quick wax and manicure and then rushed home to clean up before Hayley was due to come around for a cuppa and catch up while she waited for the carpet cleaner she had booked for 2.30pm. A busy day, but she was excited to see Hayley and find out what had been happening with her lately.

Hayley arrived at 2pm and Louise had already brewed the coffee. Even though they hadn’t seen each other in a few months, it was like they’d never been apart. They were already lost in their stories when the doorbell rang. Louise glanced at the clock, “Oh there’s the carpet cleaner, right on time. Excuse me love, I’ll just get him sorted out and we’ll get back to your story.” She went to the door and opened it. There were two smiling men at her door. Two handsome, smiling men. She felt herself blush as one said, “Hi I’m Paul from

Quite fit!

She sneaked a peek at the muscled Chem-Dry guy...

Atlas Chem-Dry, here to clean your carpets.” She tried not to stare but it was obvious that he worked out.

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