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Someone is going to win the year of free carpet cleaning contest — it might be you!  But you have to enter the contest by March 31st!  Just click below:

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Spring cleaning contest

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It’s that easy!  So, start planning… bedrooms, hall, those stairs!  And where the cat went in the basement… what about the kitchen tile?

We can clean and seal your granite counters… oh, Dad’s favorite chair!  And the couch… oh yes.

Baby’s mattress…. your mattress…. the drapes… the rugs… I call it the Whole Kit and Caboodle package.

Cleaning for spring

Spring is here!

Clean more, save more… that’s the Chem-Dry way.  All-Star Chem-Dry offers great cleaning at a fair price.  Well, it’s not fair to compare with steam cleaners, because there simply is no comparison.  Chem-Dry is Drier. Cleaner. and Healthier.

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