Rugs are a precious part of your home decor, and carry a lot of sentimental (and often physical) value. Many people’s rugs were passed down from family members or brought home as souvenirs from important trips. They deserve (and require) special care. But how can you keep your rugs in tip-top condition day to day? We have four tips today to help you out!

Pad and protect

A rug pad is an affordable solution to help prevent wear and tear. It keeps the rug from sliding around the floor and ending up somewhere you don’t want it to be. It also gives it a more well-cushioned feel and helps prevent indentations from weighty things like pieces of furniture.


Changing it up can be a very good thing for the longevity of your carpets and rugs. Move furniture around every few months, and/or shift the rug’s position as well. This will help direct pressure and traffic to lesser-used areas and prevent a few spots from being worn down over and over.

Keep it clean

Regular vacuuming and maintenance will keep dirt and other particles from building up in your rug’s fibers. When they aren’t kept clean, the abrasive nature of dirt and dust will eventually cause erosion damage. The simplest way to prevent this is regular, thorough cleaning! Don’t forget to turn your rugs over and gently vacuum the back side as well. Beware of using commercial cleaners that leave behind harsh or sticky residue, which will in turn attract more dirt.

Call in the pros

Regular, professional cleanings are the key to maintaining the health and life of your rug long term. The gentle, thorough process of Chem Dry’s hot water method will remove dirt and grime without damaging the fibers. The professionals are professionals for a reason- cleaning that actually prolongs the life of the rug and protects it against future wear and tear.

If you have a rug that’s a special case, contact All-Star Chem Dry! Our team can advise you on exactly what your rugs need to live a long, healthy life.