Poor carpet.  The ugly stepchild, always chosen last — while the favorite, the wood floor, is lauded as being so much better, smarter, cuter…. Poor carpet.

Until you get out of bed on a cold morning and step on freezing wood floors over an unheated garage… or try to sit on a hard tile floor to play games with the kids.

Then carpet doesn’t sound so boring, so conventional.  And the many times that carpet saves you from smashing yourself onto a hard surface if you trip or slip.

Think about it, at least you can vacuum it, clean it and it can last up to 20 years or more … try that with a laminate floor!

Choosing carpet these days means more than just plush vs. berber… there are new textures, combinations and looks that can make any room look warmer, or brighter, or more comforting.  But talk with a carpet professional to make sure you don’t get stuck with a carpet you’ll hate — or one you have to buy a new vacuum for because it’s so soft that a normal vacuum won’t work.

In today’s age, carpeting matters. Back when carpet was the “new thing” it was a luxury item.  These days, it’s basic building block that help determine quality & even more, the value of the home itself. For instance, carpeting is the third largest investment the average homeowner makes, topped only by the home itself and automobiles.

So the question comes, “What type of carpet do I need and how do I know?”

Basically, the fiber from which the carpets made will be the top factor in choosing the one that’s right for you. Michael Hilton states in “The Carpet Buyers Handbook” that the type of fiber determines many of the carpet’s qualities and accounts for 80 percent of its cost. Remember that no fiber is right for all situations. Before you make your choice, you should look at a number of factors:

  • Budget: Prices vary quite widely.  Look for deals! You can usually find a good valued carpet at an affordable price. However, always pick something that you can look at for a long time. The last thing you want is a neon carpet that hurts your eyes all because you wanted to save a couple bucks.
  • Traffic: Is the carpet for a living room, where there will be a lot wear and tear? Or a guest room where activity will be minimal? Or a hallway or stairway? It’s best to base the type of carpet fiber by the level of activity each area receives.
  • Abuse: Is the carpet for a bathroom, kitchen, basement or pool area may be exposed to dampness. Some fibers tolerate it, some don’t. If you are looking for a carpet for a damper area of the home make sure to purchase a carpet with a strong carpet protector already applied to it. This will add additional protection from water & dampness.
  • Lifespan: Do you want the carpet to last 10 maybe 20 years? Or are you planning to replace it in under a decade? Usually, the longer the life of a carpet, the higher the price will be.
  • Family Members: Are there likely to be spills and accidents? Kids playing on the floor? Puppies that need to be house trained? You should consider these things before choosing a fiber since the durability can vary greatly.

You also want to think about fiber in relation to other aspects of the carpet you’re considering on buying. For example, some fibers are best for low-pile or low-loop carpets. Some types work best with greater density or more yarn twist.

Dying method is another factor to consider. Some fibers can be solution dyed – the color is mixed in when the fiber is being made. With stock dying, the fiber is dyed later and the color does not penetrate.

Think of the difference between a tomato and an apple; the tomato, like solution-dyed fiber, is the same color throughout. Stock dying leaves the color on the surface, as it is with the apple, red on the outside and white on the inside. Solution dying usually results in a smaller range of colors available, but greater resistance to fading.

These are all factors that should be considered.  Purchasing the most efficient carpet for you takes a little more research. An independent carpet store often can help you find the right carpet with the best price.

If you find a carpet that you especially like but lacks the protection that is needed for the given area in your home please give us a call at (770) 425-6999 to speak with us about our powerful carpet protection products.