Remember the honeymoon, when you first brought your new rug home?  You smoothed it out, and positioned the furniture around it carefully.  Maybe moved the furniture a few times to get the best effect.

A beautiful Navajo rug

You might have matched the rug to your upholstery and paint color.  Maybe you repainted so the rest of the room matched the rug!

Your lovely rug was the star.  But over time, your rugs can become dirty, faded and frayed. Aged or damaged rugs detract from the beauty and environmental health of your living space.

Oh no!  How will you find another rug you love as much, that goes with everything else in the room?

But that doesn’t mean you have to replace them and totally redecorate. With the experience of expert rug cleaners like All-Star Chem-Dry in Kennesaw, GA, your rugs could look fresh and clean again. While you should always take basic care of your  rug care by regular vacuuming and dusting, the following rug repair tips may require you to call on a professional:

  • Dust Treatment

Remember the old-fashioned carpet dust beatings on the clothesline?  Dust becomes trapped in the fabric of your rug over time, diminishing its color and texture. Without treatment, this dust causes your rug to deteriorate.

The hard way to dust a rug.

Basic care includes hanging your rug in an outdoor area and beating it to release dust. However, your best option is to choose a rug cleaning service that uses a professional duster or pressurized air device to aid in this process. Some services also include the application of a Dust Mite Anti-Allergen to eliminate the allergy hazard posed by dust mite debris.

  • Grooming

Your rugs are susceptible to runs, tears and snags. Fortunately, many rug cleaning services include basic grooming and rug repair as part of the cleaning package. You may be able to reduce the risk of further damage on your own by manicuring pulls or frayed edges. However, unless you are experienced at rug repair, you should go to an expert in the field and not risk causing more damage. Regular professional grooming makes your rugs look better and last longer.

  • Agitation
The PowerHead agitates carpet gently and removes dirt and stains.

Cleaning your rugs the easy way.

Even with regular rug care like vacuuming and dusting, particles of dirt, dust and mold can become embedded in the fabric of your rug. This causes matting, which makes your rugs look thin and worn. You should consider a professional rug cleaning service that provides agitation, a process in which the fibers of your rug are lifted to allow for the effective removal of embedded dirt. Agitation gives you a deeper cleaning while restoring the bounce and softness of your rugs.

Beautify your home and extend the life of your rugs with professional rug cleaning and repairs. Call 770-425-6999 or schedule your appointment with the rug cleaning and repair experts at All-Star Chem-Dry today.