Brad B. heard raindrops in the kitchen as he watched Saturday sports the other day.  “That’s not right,” he thought.

Water was pouring out of the ceiling can lights and dripping onto the wood floor of his Acworth home.  He ran upstairs to find the toilet handle had jammed, and the water was overflowing from the bathroom down into the kitchen.

Water damage to ceiling.

He was able to stop the flooding and wipe up the wood floors below, but the damage was done to the flat ceiling in the kitchen.

Toilet overflow

A leaky toilet causes lots of problems.

That’s where we come in!

As water damage professionals, we are able to dry the kitchen ceiling without destroying it further, and make sure that in between the floors that everything is dry also.

Drying is continuing and the insurance company will cover this sudden loss due to a leak.  While the drying process can be noisy and irritating, it is usually pretty quick.

The homeowners can turn machines off during the time they are using the kitchen and eating dinner to minimize their distress.

When water happens, it can travel far, through light fixtures, along pipes and under flooring.  Make sure your home is dry with All-Star Chem-Dry water damage remediation.