Mold Stinks!!

Wet shoes and high humidity like we have here in Georgia bring moisture into your home. Your carpets retain this moisture,feeding and making possible the growth of potentially harmful mold and bacteria.

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Cleaning carpet before and after with Chem-Dry

One of the best ways to let mold grow is to turn off your air conditioner when you go on vacation in the summer.  That lets humidity get too high.  Better to set it at higher than normal temperature and let it keep drying the air for you while you are gone.

If you see mold on a wall or on shoes, take action.  Wipe it off of shoes and put them up  higher off the floor on a wire rack so air circulates, maybe even move them out into your room for the hottest months.

On a wall, fight mold with mold-killing products — some of the safest and most effective are hydrogen peroxide based.  Professional mold removers use a high concentration to completely kill mold.  Bleach is not an effective mold killer–it will come back if conditions are still promoting it in your home, or if it is actually coming from behind the wall or under the floor.

Check your crawl space or basement. Look with a flashlight at the rafters/beams and see if whitish or greenish spots are spreading.  If you smell mold or see it, get help to remove it.  Physically removing it with chemicals and blasting are some of the best ways to make it leave and stay gone.  Just coating over it is not getting rid of it.

Mold is a serious health hazard that warrants immediate attention. The All-Star Chem-Dry professional carpet cleaning services use high-heat cleaning techniques to destroy mold, leaving your carpets fresh and dry.

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Because Chem-Dry uses up to 80% less water than a steam-type cleaning, and extracts most of what is used for cleaning, your carpets have no water in the pad or subflooring.  We do not blast superheated water through the carpet, causing overwetting.

As you can see, keeping your carpets clean is essential to a fresh, happy and healthy home.calendar When planning your spring cleaning, put us on your list!