While regular cleanings are part of owning and maintaining your carpet, everyone still wants to space those cleanings out a little further, right? And even more than that, you want to keep your carpet as new as possible for as long as possible. The best way to do this isn’t always with fancy, expensive treatments or even buying the top carpet on the market– it starts with simple, everyday maintenance that will help keep things in tip-top shape. For a list of quick tips that you can use in order to avoid damage and keep your carpet looking young and fresh, read on!

The first step is the first step

The entrance to your home is one of the easiest places to address when it comes to keeping out dirt, germs, and just wear and tear. Place walk-off mats wherever there’s an entrance, and make sure to thoroughly wipe your feet before entering. This is all it takes to remove a large percentage of debris that would otherwise be tracked across the carpet and end up ground into the fibers, causing unnecessary damage.

Dysons are a girl’s best friend

Or, a good vacuum from any brand is your friend when it comes to keeping a carpet looking new. Thorough vacuuming performed regularly will remove dirt and dust particles from your carpet, which not only cause more wear and tear, but will dull the actual look of it over time. High traffic areas need more attention, but make sure you’re vacuuming all carpeted areas regularly to remove as much dirt as possible.

Anticipate the elements

Heavy furniture can crush and compress the pile of your carpet over time, leaving noticeable indentations in the surface. Rearrange your furniture from time to time to keep it in top condition, and be careful where you place the heaviest pieces. Also, keep in mind that carpet near windows and glass doors is subjected to more sunlight than other areas, which can deteriorate appearance and ability to withstand wear and tear. Window protections that help with the UV rays from sunlight can help, as can keeping blinds or curtains drawn.

Don’t stall on spills

The longer you wait, the more a potential stain will soak into the carpet and cause lasting damage. As soon as you notice a spill, blot up as much of the liquid as you can with a dry cloth. But don’t scrub! Scrubbing or rubbing can damage the fiber and create a permanent spot. Instead, use warm (not hot) water to rinse the stain completely and continue blotting until nothing shows up on the clean cloth. If a stain remover is needed, work gently and use sparingly, working it in once the spot is as dry as possible. Afterwards, rinse and blot again before allowing the carpet to dry so you can vacuum the area.

Trust the pros

Unfortunately, even with all these steps, use and the passage of time are still going to take a toll on any carpet eventually. To keep things in top condition, make sure to call on a professional carpet cleaning service at least once a year to clean deeply and remove dirt and debris that can’t be removed with traditional methods. Be sure to read any care or maintenance guides that came with your carpet when it was installed, since different types of fiber have different needs.

A combination of your own regular upkeep and professional cleanings will keep your carpet pristine and lovely for years to come! If you have questions about carpet cleaning, carpet care, or just want to know how to keep your carpet in top condition, give us at All-star chemdry a call. We’re always happy to help!