Parents are used to making big adjustments for our kid’s safety. It starts from day one! A car seat in the car, safety gates on the stairs, plugs in the outlets. This goes double for families who have allergy concerns. Allergens can seem to be everywhere, and we want to prevent contact with them as much as possible. When it comes to rugs and carpets, though, what’s the deal? Are there ways to keep our kids safe? Things to be concerned about? Today, we’ll give you some tips from All-Star Chemdry and help you figure it out!

Carpet Concerns

For most people, a carpet is just a carpet. But if you have a family member with severe (or specific) allergies, it can create problems. Carpet fibers love to hang on to things, whether it be dirt, bacteria, or pet fur. It can also hang on to pet urine in the form of crystals, which create an additional irritant. It’s possible to be allergic to the carpet itself as well. So how can you tell the difference between the two? What can help with allergies of all kinds?

Proper care

The easiest way to keep allergens at bay is a fully cleaned carpet! This will also help you figure out the source of any allergic reaction or irritation. If the carpet is clean, then it is much more likely that any problems are caused by the carpet fibers themselves. They can also be caused by outside sources, which require allergy testing to figure out.

The process of hot carbonating extraction is a game-changer in terms of fully and thoroughly cleaning your carpets and rugs. Any residue, both from before the cleaning and from the products used, will be fully removed. This ensures that you and your family won’t be experiencing issues from whatever could be left behind in carpet fibers by traditional cleaning methods.


Regular maintenance also lends itself to helping prevent allergic reactions for the same reason. Without as much time for dander, dirt, or dust to build up in your carpets and rugs, things will stay fresh. You should always keep up with your regular vacuuming routine in between carpet cleaning sessions, but don’t be afraid to schedule cleanings regularly if symptoms arise.

If you and your family have allergy concerns related to your carpets, please contact All-Star Chem Dry! Our expert team will be happy to answer your questions and help you figure out exactly what will help. Allergies can be a pain, but carpet care doesn’t have to be.