Did your pet make a mistake on your oriental rug? Don’t fret — most will be saved with a little help.  Calling your Chem-Dry professional can help with pet urine stains and accidents.  Chem-Dry can clean, sanitize and deodorize your rugs when pets pee on the rugs.

Rug Cleaning 101

peeingdogWe can clean, sanitize and deodorize the rug for you — then protect it to keep it cleaning up for years to come. If it’s a true Oriental rug, the value makes it worth proper care and removal of urine accidents.  We will clean and dry the rug until it smells great — cause just a little pee smell is too much.

Our safe, gentle cleaning solutions help remove spots and marks on the rug from foot traffic, food, drinks and pets.  We give special attention to your rugs because we know that they are valuable and an important part of your decor.  Sometimes a whole room is designed around a beautiful rug — making it almost irreplacable!

You can learn a lot about your rug from your cleaning technician.  Ask him or her any questions about the best way to care for your rugs and keep them looking beautiful and soft longer.  We recommend cleaning your fine rugs annually and protecting the fibers from wear and stains.

Flip Your Rug


It’s a good idea to move your rugs around often.  Try turning them end to end occasionally, so that one end does not get more sunlight or traffic than the other side.  Frequent vacuuming can also help remove loose soil and prevent worn, scratched fibers.  Be sure to call if something spills that is not easily removed with our spot remover.  We’d rather help you get it out than risk a permanent stain.

And avoid home remedies and off the shelf spotters.  Many are too harsh for oriental rugs and can set a stain permanently.  So treasure your rugs, use your rugs and enjoy them — they can take it.  Just keep them clean wand protected, and you’ll be repaid with years of enjoyment.

All-Star Chem-Dry is owned by Shelly Browne of Kennesaw, GA.  Her crew includes honest, dependable young men and women dedicated to giving you the best clean possible.