You’re browsing the chem-dry website and suddenly, you come across this acronym: PURT. What does it stand for, why do we do it, and how does it work? Is it safe to use in your home? What makes it different from other carpet cleaning processes? Read on to find out!

What is PURT, and when do I need it?

Black light to find urine

Where is the pee? The blacklight tells the story.

PURT is just a fun acronym we use for our “Pet Urine Removal Treatment”- something no one wants to think about, but every pet owner will undoubtedly need at one time or another. Pet urine not only has a strong smell on its own, but it can easily withstand a surface level cleaning and remain in the fibers of your carpet, no only continuing to smell for years to come, but encouraging the growth of bacteria or even mold. When left untreated, this can cause you to experience allergy or even cold and flu-like symptoms, which is even worse than the gross smell.

How does PURT work?

The first step in getting that nasty pet urine out of your carpet is to apply the treatment itself to the spots on your

Finding pet urine spots.

How we find the urine spots.

carpet that are affected, then work them into the stain. This makes the molecules of urine “come alive”, and then separate in such a way that the bacteria can no longer reproduce and cause more smells to build up. Afterwards, the spots are cleaned with a thorough hot water carbonation extraction, which causes everything to release and come out of the carpet and carpet pad. Pads are not usually dampened with our traditional carpet cleaning methods, but because pet urine is so strong and pervasive, it’s necessary in this case. The carpet and pad will be a little damp, and you may see a few “fuzzies” on the surface, but once it’s dried you can go ahead and vacuum- and it should be good as new!

Is PURT safe?

No! No peeing on the couch!

Our process is green and non-toxic, which is obviously incredibly important for a surface that you walk, sit, or even lay on every day like your carpeting. The cleansers won’t leave you with a headache or respiratory irritation like some products would, and your carpet won’t be sticky or crunchy afterwards- it should be smooth, soft, and extra clean! Because the products cause the dirt and bacteria to release from the carpet fibers and are then scrubbed and rinsed from the carpet, you don’t have to worry about unseen residue that might irritate your skin or your pet’s paws, either. In fact, our cleaning products are so safe that they wouldn’t hurt you even if you ate them! (Although we can’t recommend you sample the flavors, of course)


If you have questions about the PURT process, or anything else related to carpets, floors, and how to keep them in top shape- please give us a call or send an email! We’re happy to help you figure out what’s going on, what you might need, and how we can help. All-Star Chem-Dry will you on your way to a fresh smelling, pet-safe carpet in no time.