Here in the Southeast, snow is relatively rare. The city we’re located in gets an average of two inches of snow per year– just enough to cause trouble every time! But just because it’s only a little, that doesn’t mean it can’t affect your carpet’s health and appearance. And if you live in an area where snow is common during the fall and winter months, that makes today’s post even more important.

How snow affects carpet

When you think of the elements causing problems for your carpeting, your first thought may be rain. It could be drops coming in through the windows, muddy footprints (or paw prints), or even flooding. But snow can also create damage, although the methods may be less obvious. When snow comes into the house on your shoes, it’s more than just flakes. The snow becomes a carrier for dirt, gravel, and even road salt. The snow itself evaporates, but all of those little particles are left behind to stain your carpet, if not with dirt then with a whitish crusty layer. This crust can take serious work to repair!

Protecting your carpet

The easiest way to keep snow from getting into your carpet and causing damage is prevention. Everyone who comes into the house should remove their shoes and coats at the door, making sure to shake off any stray flakes before they enter. A coat rack and storage for boots and shoes can help keep things organized and ensure it’s easy to remember to remove outerwear at the door.

If any snow debris do get in contact with your carpet, act right away to prevent as much damage as possible. Lukewarm water mixed with white vinegar on a towel can be used to dab up up the spot before any crystallization can occur, and the area should then be blotted with another clean towel.

The bottom line

The best and most long-term solution to a snow-damaged carpet is a professional cleaning. Not only can we remove old winter stains, but we can clean and treat your carpet to protect it in the future. Without the use of harsh chemicals, we can still give your carpet a protective barrier that will extend its life and keep it looking fresh and new all winter and beyond!