It’s that beautiful sunny spring time – the beauty outside beckons . . .but the dust inside is screaming silently — DUST ME!

Did you see Sandra Bullock in that eerie movie where she is dusting the fireplace mantel and then she just shakes out the dust cloth right there?  I’m like “she obviously has never dusted in her life!”  Much as I love her, Sandra, you need a lesson in dusting!

My mother always said “Work your way from top to bottom — then you’re not re-cleaning the things you already cleaned.”

i’ve found the greatest little dustcloths that pick up the dust and then you just throw them in the wash.  I make them out of fleece fabric from Jo-Ann’s and will give you one free with any carpet cleaning job — just ask Jason for one!

Do you dust your furniture? I don’t mean the cross pieces that gather dust under chairs, or table tops, of course you do that!  But the couches and upholstered chairs – do you use your vacuum cleaner attachment (do you know where they are? and how to attach them? they make it so difficult on some vacuums . .  sry just my rant) to go over the cloth regularly – maybe once ever 2-3 months. That will pull out some of the dust that can get stuck in the cloth and make the fabric dull looking.

We can also use our powerful vacuum suction to do a thorough vacuuming of your furniture — just ask  and we will show you the dirt we are able to pull out.

Keeping the dust level down in your home takes a combination of frequent vacuuming, thorough carpet cleaning, dusting and maintaining your heating and air system.  Getting the cheaper air filters actually captures more dust and allows unrestricted air flow, letting your air conditioner work better.  Resist the temptation to buy expensive pleated filters (this is from a long-time air conditioner repair owner — he says he makes so much money by just changing to an unrestrictive filter!).

Stay cool and make sure you take time to get outside and enjoy this beautiful weather while it’s here