The holidays are on their way, and many of us are preparing to host family and friends for festive gatherings. With that comes lots of preparation, and preparing your carpets and rugs is a big part of that! A deep carpet cleaning is one quick and easy way to make things healthier, cleaner, and looking fresh and new.

Why a deep cleaning?

The holidays are a time where we often end up spending a lot of time on the floor! We spend time lounging around after a Thanksgiving meal, opening presents, or setting out holiday decorations. People are ready to give your dog some extra belly rubs, take a seat on the rug if the chairs run out, or play with a new crawler who can’t wait to scoot. And all of these things are enhanced by the condition of the floor underneath. A fresh, clean, fluffy carpet makes all the difference, not just aesthetically but for the comfort of both you and your guests!

What about the time?

One hesitation towards scheduling a deep cleaning may be the amount of time involved. After all, if you have to stay off of your own carpets for days at a time, is it even worth it?

Chem-dry uses a process called Hot Carbonation Extraction to get your carpets extra clean. A benefit to this process that you might not know is the minimal amount of water used and the depth of extraction to get it all back out. This means that after just a few hours, your carpet will be clean and dry, so you’re free to get on with your holiday preparations and activities.

The benefits

The cleaning products that we use here at Chem-Dry are not only more efficient than vacuuming or traditional carpet cleaners, they are cleaner and safer. When you spend so much time on a surface in your home, you don’t want sticky residues or toxic cleaning products there to seep into your skin and even the air around you! We harness natural products and the power of carbonation to get an efficient clean without compromising your health. Having a clean carpet can also reduce symptoms of allergies and illness, which is even more important in the winter.

If you are ready to schedule a deep cleaning this holiday season, contact Allstar Chem-Dry! We can be in and out before you know it and leave your carpets looking fluffy and new just in time.