Carpets need regular maintenance to keep them refreshed and  “healthy,” but sometimes even a clean carpet doesn’t look that way. If your carpet hasn’t been cleaned lately, or isn’t cleaned regularly, it may appear dingy or dirty. In fact, even a carpet that is maintained can take on a dirty appearance- but why?

Vacuums aren’t enough

One of the most common things found in and on a carpet is oil. Not just the kind you cook with, but sebum and pet dander as well. Oils accumulate and then act as “magnets” to draw in and trap dirt. This dirt is both on the surface of the carpet and buried within the deeper fibers, and a vacuum isn’t enough to draw it out. The way to get rid of this trapped dirt is to remove the oil along with it with a proper cleaning. This also means using a cleaning method that doesn’t leave behind residue itself, which many commercial cleaning products will do. Fortunately, All-Star chemdry uses a specific extraction method that won’t create the exact some problems that the oil does.

Dirt isn’t just dirty

There’s more to dirt in the carpet than the dirt itself. Soil particles under a microscope are sharp, which means that over time they wear down on the fibers within the carpet. This effect is exacerbated with use over time- walking and moving furniture across the carpet will grind these sharp bits in more deeply, causing more damage. What happens when this goes on for too long? The damage done to the carpet will actually leave behind “dimples” that change the way the light hits it. This can make a carpet seem dull and dingy even when it is completely clean.

What can you do?

The best way to preserve the life of your carpet is with regular, proper maintenance. This means choosing cleaning products that leave behind no residue, and getting a professional cleaning every 12-18 months to maintain your carpet’s health. You should also do what you can to limit outside dirt coming in. Keeping shoes off, giving pets a bed to lay on so that they track in less dirt, and being careful when moving items will all help.

If your carpet needs a touch-up or simply some routine maintenance, please contact All-Star chemdry! Our patented process will leave it not only clean, but cleaner in the future.