Summer is a season for fun, which means plenty of color. Chalk, markers and paints, drippy ice pops, face paint- the whole nine yards! But what about when those colors end up inside, and more importantly, in your carpet? You need to act fast to prevent summer colors from making a year-round home in those precious fibers. Today, we’ll be sharing some of the tips you need to do just that.

Dry to wet

If you have a loose and powdery substance like chalk in your carpet, washing it away can make the problem worse. Adding water and soaps to the chalk dust will “activate” it, turning it into a messy, technicolor paste! Instead, make sure you move from dry solutions to wet ones. Try vacuuming up the dust thoroughly before you try anything else. In fact, a vacuum may be all you need! If you don’t have a handheld vacuum or hose attachment, you can try sweeping the chalk away with a broom or dry brush.

Flood watch

Carpet cleaning advice often includes directions to rinse with warm or hot water, much like you would a dirty dish. However, adding too much (or sometimes any) water to a messy carpet can potentially make things worse. Especially when the stain is something already wet, like paint, pouring water onto it will only spread the radius of the mess further while failing to actually clean it up. Worse still, using large amounts of water can lead to the padding beneath the carpet growing wet and beginning to grow mold or mildew. Mold is much more difficult to repair than a messy stain! Be sparing when using water to clean carpet, and make sure to blot it up with towels or old tee shirts.

Don’t go overboard

Less is usually more when it comes to carpet cleaning. Even when you’re faced with big messes (that spilled plate of watermelon on the 4th of July) start small and slow! Always remove any solid chunks from the carpet before moving on. You can clean affected areas with a gentle detergent diluted in water to start. Always make sure to blot, air dry, and vacuum afterwards to prevent mold and mildew. Avoid aggressive rubbing or scrubbing, as these can damage the carpet fibers and actually make stains worse! And read the labels on tradition household cleaners to make sure harsh chemicals don’t remain in your family’s carpet. If you’re stuck dealing with colorful reminders of these summer days, please contact All-star Chem-dry! Our expert team will be happy to get you on track for a safe and happy summer.