Summer is the season of storms, mainly due to the increasing heat and humidity. This brings about plenty of rain and dampness, but what does that mean for your carpet? Dampness can lead to mold and mildew, and the unexpected nature of a summer storm can make it hard to plan ahead. Luckily, we have a few key tips to help you protect your carpet this year!

Know how to deal with dampness

If your carpet gets too wet, either from water being tracked in or an open window, dry it as soon as possible. Blot the carpet with towels or old tee shirts to absorb the moisture, then point a fan at the immediate area. Make sure to make use of the ceiling fan whenever possible, too! Any air circulation will help the drying process. It’s important to deal with moisture before it gets into the carpet padding and causes long-term damage.

Protect your entryways

Putting a doormat in front of every entrance to your home will remind everyone to wipe their feet before entering, largely eliminating dirt from being tracked in on shoes. It can even help with muddy paws! Make sure to clean the mat from time to time to keep it ready to absorb mud whenever the need arises. You can also keep a basket or bucket for shoes by the door, to remind everyone to remove them when coming inside. This will help minimize the mess being brought in on damp and muddy days.

Keep up with carpet maintenance

A carpet that is improperly maintained will naturally attract more dirt, so make sure to keep up with a regular cleaning schedule. This will prevent particles of dirt and mud from settling into your carpet more than necessary. Regular cleanings will also take care of any dirt you can’t prevent from creeping in over time. As a bonus, this can help with lingering particles of dust or pollen that might be affecting seasonal allergies!

If you need anything from a regular carpet cleaning to help with a serious stain, contact All-star Chem-dry! Our expert team is here to help with every floor maintenance need.