I do a lot of my deep house cleaning in the wintertime — I’m inside anyway, and noticing the post-Christmas dust to be dealt with.

Putting way Christmas decorations and looking hard at whether I want to move around my furniture and statues — I have a lot of awesome artwork my mother-in-law sculpted.  The bronzes and stone pieces are statements and sometimes i want to separate the Indians from the ballet dancer or busts of my children.  I’m not such a good decorator, but if I start with a clean mantel or table, it goes much better!

For inspiration, I read books about de-cluttering from Don Aslett like Clutter’s Last Stand.  But I try not to get so caught up in reading about cleaning that I forget to start.

Sometimes scheduling my carpet cleaning is the push I need — because I know I will want to take as much furniture out of the way and clear off table tops before Jason starts working.

My most awesome technician, Jason and his beautiful wife, Tammi.

Sometimes I just focus on one area or task at a time, like dusting baseboards or cleaning mirrors.  If I only have a few minutes, doing one little job is a good boost — I got something done!

Rarely do I have time to completely tear up a room and clean it all.  But if I work on sections at a time, it makes it easier to manage.

Sometimes, it’s just time to bring in the bulldozer!  My good friend Annemarie and her daughter did this for me last year — they took all my books off my two tall bookshelves, moved them and then re-shelved by topics and height.  It was pretty scary to walk in (this was a surprise cleaning) and see everything in the room in piles on the floor.  I homeschool so I have a LOT of books!

All the games were out of the 3 chests that hold them, and Annemarie made me help match up the parts to each in separate plastic zip-loc bags.  AARGH!  But it looked so neat and then when the kids need the dice for the game, it’s right there.

Happy Valentine's Day from All Star Chem Dry

I'm really sorry . . .

Carpets get dirty in winter because the heat is running often, and I have fires in the wood stove.  Also, the dog and kids track in red clay (this is Georgia!) and there are the inevitable popcorn snack fests in front of the Wii.

Cleaning your carpets is healthier for your indoor atmosphere, plus it lengthens the life of your carpets.  See this article on How Your Carpets Can Keep You Healthy.

So I get my carpets cleaned and protected long about February to avoid dirt being ground into the carpet by walking on it.

It’s the best time of year also because it’s when I give you the best discounts on cleaning your carpets, rugs and furniture — also your tile and stone floors, counters and showers.  This month only, call to get an extra 20% off your cleaning and 25% off tile, stone and grout cleaning and sealing.