What’s lurking in your carpet?

Carpet often hides some of the worst allergens, germs and other hazardous particles in your home. What’s worse:  they become airborne and can negatively affect indoor air quality. Regular vacuuming can help contain these contaminants, but sometimes, a more thorough carpet cleaning is necessary to improve the air you breathe.

Everything that lands on your carpet has the potential to stay, even if it’s not an obvious stain.


Dustmites can spread disease

Dust particles, hair, mold spores and pet dander — almost invisible to the naked eye — fall off your clothing and land on your floors. Walking over carpet grinds these small particles into the fibers, often leaving a carpet that looks clean but can still harbor dirt.

Stains can be not just unsightly, but a cause of bad smells in the home. For example, stains caused from sugary drinks or pet urine can actually provide a food source for bacteria living in your carpets. They set up a life cycle that is re-ignighted every time moisture from a rainy day or wet cleaning happens.

Potential health risks from your carpet

Dirty carpets can pose a wide range of health risks. If you’ve had a flood, your carpets may have mold in them, even if you don’t see or smell it. Mold spores can cause breathing problems, sneezing and, over the long term, permanent damage to the respiratory system.

Dust mites are also a major carpet issue; these tiny bugs burrow deep into carpet fibers and eat the dead skin cells that comprise most of dust. The waste produced by these mites — up to 200 times their body weight each day — can cause allergic reactions and breathing issues.

Common bacteria found in carpet include E.coli, salmonella and staphylococcus.


Did someone forget to wipe their feet?

How to get rid of carpet culprits

Vacuuming is always the best first step in removing contaminants from your carpeting. If you vacuum one or two times per week, and use a newer vacuum with powerful suction and built-in HEPA filters, it will work better at pulling up dust mites, allergens and dirt.

Vacuum regularly for cleaner indoor air

Got pets? Vacuum regularly!

But even the best vacuum can’t remove everything that hides in your carpet.

To deal with the bulk of the particles, consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning service.  Chem-Dry companies use hot water (not steam) extraction to eliminate contaminants and remove stubborn stains. Professional carpet cleaners recommend at least one cleaning per year, but high-traffic areas might require more frequent cleanings. If you have pets and children, it may be better to clean more often and re-do the stain resistance once a year.

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